Songs of New York by The New York State Troubadour Robin Schade

The Story of the "New York Troubadour" Since the inception of the idea in 1979, to put together a program of New York Songs, Robin Schade has tirelessly pursued this unique concept - the Empire State in Song! Now, more than a decade later, Robin, who was dubbed the "New York Troubadour," along the way, continues to develop and present this unusual and appealing look at New Yorkers and our history and heritage with songs and stories. The real impetus came when Robin wrote a song, "The Adirondack Railway", which brought him state-wide attention when the railroad was restored for the Winter Olympic Games. Robin continues to assemble and present what is probably our state's largest single collection of performer songs.
Robin combines formal education (bachellor's and master's degrees), a background as a public school teacher, a life involved in education, and thousands of miles on the highways and backroads of New York seeing the people and places to give Robin a unique perspective on New York State.
As a singer of old and new songs, and a songwriter himself, Robin's interpretation has helped countless "Yorkers" to gain a renewed respect and appreciation for where we've been and who we are!
Robin is not directly sponsored or supported by New York State. In fact, Robin has gained even more respect and credibility because of his ability to pursue this and make it a success, entirely on his own! This extraordinary collection of New York Songs has attreacted much media attention. Robin has been featured in many news articles, and on television and radio programs in addition to those that play "cuts" from his recordings.

Noteworthy Appearences:

  • 1980 Winter Olympic Games, Lake Placid, National Fine Arts Program
  • New York State Fair
  • New York State Historical Association
  • Gubernatorial and legislative receptions
  • State Parks and Campgrounds
  • The Adirondack Museum
  • The New York State Museum
  • Empire State Plaza
  • the Grange, N.Y. State Conference
  • All Content Herein Copyright 2007 Robin Schade and Leatherstocking Music.

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